Sunday, December 21, 2008

Back in Puerto Natales!


We have all safely returned from the INCREDIBLE wilderness known as Patagonia. Torres del Paine National Park was simply amazing and words cannot begin to describe it. I intend to upload pictures, but unfortunately left my camera and cable in the hostel on the adventure out, so that will have to wait until the next update.

In general, we could not have asked for better weather on our trekkings. It was a bit windy and we had some moments of drizzly rain, but overall it was not too cold and the sky was pretty clear. Our first hike, which was a pretty intense 9 hour-ish journey, offered us a breath-taking view of the Torres (towers) which set the tone for the rest of our incredible 5-day wilderness expedition. We saw some LENTICULAR CLOUDS -- look it up or ask Dr. Koesler if you don't know about these things. haha. Many many flowers, birds and rocks upon rocks should also be included in our list of sightings.

Everyone is a bit sore and tired... but CLEAN because we all showered as soon as we returned to the hostel after saying goodbye to our guide, Cristian.

Now it's time to explore the city before dinner... but more blogging for you all soon!

Oh, and the hairy leg and beard competition is going well! Dr. K thinks she's going to win... lol. The guys seem to care a bit less.

Okay, I went back to the hostel real quick and grabbed my camera and USB cord, so hopefully the pictures will upload above as I'm typing this... SUCCESS! (finally) One is our group photo from our trek up to Los Torres, the other is of our fearless leaders (Dan, Cristian and Rena) in front of Glacier Grey. Woo hoo! More to come. :)


Jeff V. said...

Great pictures and thanks for the update. Looking forward to more. Seeing smiles on everyone's face is good to see. Glad you are all having fun and enjoying yourselves!Update us again soon!!!! Love ya Kate!!

Amy Giannotti said...

Hi Rena and crew! I am so envious of your trip and wish I was there to enjoy it with you! Great pictures and keep 'em coming! Much love and wishes for safe travels! -Amy, Paul, Allie, and Maren

B&J Taylor said...

Wow, we half expected to see Frodo and Sam scaling the mountains with you! Your trip looks amazing!Thanks for the photos. Keep the updates and pictures coming. Be safe,.. Lauren T, we love and miss you!... Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

Hi, Andrew and all,
Great pictures...
Wonderful! Awe inspiring!
What an adventure.
Stay safe.
Blessings on you,
Mom and Pop

bono said...

Awesome pictures!! What an amazing experience for all of you! Amy, we miss and love you tons! Continue to have a fabulous trip. Can't wait to hear all about the adventures first hand. Uncle STeve, Aunt Bonnie, Annabelle and Samantha

Regina said...

I'm so glad to see that you guys seem to be in high spirits still. It sounds like you guys have already experienced quite a bit and I can't wait to hear all about it! Kuhfuss: Take one for Team Turtle. Stay safe and happy. -Regina

Anderson said...

Hey there all. After hearing some stories and seeing some pictures my level of jealousy over your trip is only growing!! I am so happy that you all are safe and having tons of fun. The Towers and glaciers look unbelievable. Amy - I love you so much and am so excited you are on this adventure. I look forward to many of our own. Good luck on the rest of your journeys and keep sending your love. You guys, make sure you throw some sweet moves on the volcano slide. Much love from the States - Merry early Christmas. Love from Anderson

Harry and Jeryl said...

Hey Michelle and everyone on this fantastic trip! It sounds like you are having the times of your lives. We can't wait to see your pictures and hear your stories. Be safe, be happy, but most of all have fun! Have a wonderful Christmas! Our thoughts and prayers are with you! See you soon Meesh! Love, Mom and Dad

Mark and Sandy said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Amy we are thinking of you today; having a great time in Chile. Have a blast and remember Christmas will just be another day for us all in January!
=Stay Safe!! Love Mom and Dad

bono said...

Merry Christmas everyone!!! Amy, we loved the account of your volcano trip! I, like Anderson, am a little bit jealous!! What a great feeling, sliding down a volcano!! We missed you last night and look forward to having Christmas with you when you return. Lots of love, aunt bonnie, uncle steve, annabelle and sammi