Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dreaming of a white Christmas?

We have all safely arrived in Pucon and are spending today relaxing and enjoying the city a little bit. Yesterday involved much traveling as we took a bus from Puerto Natales back to Punta Arenas and then flew from there to Puerto Montt and THEN took a loooong bus ride to Pucon. We got in around midnight or so and after settling in we went out to eat at a restaurant which was open at 1:30 in the morning... Quite odd, but enjoyable.
Today everyone is out venturing on their own, checking out the shops or biking around and exploring. After dinner tonight, we will be checking out our gear and boots, etc. to prepare for climbing Volcan Villarrica tomorrow!!! (--> weather providing.) Then we will have a big dinner celebration of barbecue and lamb shared with the owners of this hostel and another group of Germans who will be arriving either today or tomorrow.
Many other plans are in the making for our time here in Pucon, but it remains to be determined what we will end up doing. Some of our options include horseback riding, white water rafting, climbing a Via Ferrata (that´s my personal favorite), fly fishing, mountain biking, etc. etc. Most likely smaller groups will form to do various activities after Christmas.
More updates to come! We have free internet access here at this hostel, so I´ll try to keep you posted as our adventures continue. :)

p.s. Mallory, Daddy says "Te amo mi niƱa bonita." <3
p.p.s. Luke says, "I love you, Brittany and Nate."
p.p.p.s. Everyone that is NOT near me at the computer right now probably wishes to express their love for their respective families and loved ones too. :) Feliz Navidad!


Terri, Roger, Kyle said...

Please send our love and Christmas cheer to Luke Emory from

Terri, Roger and Kyle!

We are leaving for Ecuador 12/27 to the Amazon & Galapagos.

Pattyk said...

Wow! This is certainly the icing on the cake after all the preparation and camping trips thoughout the past semester. Sure wish I could be there but it looks like it takes more physical energy than I have to muster.

Best wishes for a healthy and happy remainder of your trip. Merry Christmas to all, especially to Jennie

See you soon

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