Sunday, December 14, 2008

We made it!

Greetings all!

We have all safely arrived in the southernmost city in the world... Punta Arenas! After several flights and much uncomfortable napping on the planes, we are settled into our hostel in Punta Arenas where we look forward to getting some SLEEP! Tomorrow we have a relatively late start -- 9am-ish -- when we get to go visit the penguin colony. :) Our only misadventure so far was a misplaced pack which was tracked down without too much trouble during our layover in Santiago. Hopefully some pictures will be posted here soon. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers!


Anonymous said...

May you all stay healthy and happy as you enjoy this adventure. Is everything wonderfully new and different, yet strangely the same? What has "connected" with you each day?

Hannah said...

how on earth do you have the internet over there? somehow i envision you in the dusty boonies... well, i'm glad you do, because i'm looking forward to reading about your adventures. :)

Jeff V. said...

I'm looking forward to seeing pictures and hearing about the penguins, your days of trekking and any wild animals that you may come across. At what elevations will you be hiking at? I'm very jealous of you all getting to go to Bariloche, but I'd rather be there in THEIR WINTER! Have fun gang and take care. Can't wait to hear about your adventures!! Love ya Kate!

Anderson said...

Not sure if I can reply to the blog but if so congratulations on your
safe arrival. It was totally exciting to see you all off at the
airport, packs bulging snd spirits high. I hope it is an incredible
trip. Pass along to Amy that I love her dearly and think of her
always. Enjoy the penguins and snap some good photos. Be safe guys -
we are thinking of you now true southeners. Have fun, Anderson - Amy's
boyfriend hahaha

Daniel Stevens said...

Hope you're all enjoying your time down there, I'm jealous! (Andrew is too Dr. K, I'll get on him about that trip out West, also.) Anyways, stay safe and I look forward to hearing the news and seeing pictures of your adventures.

Katie, you better have snagged a penguin for me :)

kelly said...

all y'all be safe over there!! praying for all of you,stay warm,stay dry,and Luke,I love you. can't wait to hear about your adventures,so proud of you--Jones

Mark and Sandy said...

Sending our thoughts and prayers to the entire Chile group. Stay safe, stay healthy and most of all... have the time of your lives.
PS Amy, we love and miss you!!
Love You!! Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and all the exciting things you are doing.
Blessings on all of you:)!
Mom and Pop

Anderson said...

Hey there all! The pictures are incredible! I could not be more jealous. The Towers look incredible. Merry Christmas, a little early. I am pretty sure that Amy and I are going to have to take a trip back there someday. I hope you all get more pics posted on here. Amy, I love you with all my heart - don't fall for some silly German with a suave accent hahaha! Just kidding. You all have fun, be safe . . . AND HAVE MORE FUN!!

Love from Anderson