Friday, January 2, 2009

Final destination

We have arrived in Santiago! Tomorrow we will have our grand tour of the city, but we have already experienced a small portion of it from our trek via metro to get from the bus station to a few blocks away from our hostel. After dropping our stuff and changing into cooler clothes (because it´s about 90ºF here), we went out to dinner before having a group meeting in a nearby park. At this meeting you all will be excited to find out that Cristen Groseclose was announced as our female winner of the hairy leg contest (with Amy Buckner as a close runner-up) and Luke Emory was the overall winner of the guys´ beard contest. I must give all the guys credit though... there were winning qualities in all of them. Pictures shall be posted... at some point. For now, I REALLY need to go shave MY hairy legs, so you all get to practice exercising your patience. 0:-)

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