Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Just some pictures...

Alrighty... here are some pictures from our adventures. No obnoxious links to flickr this time. ;-) Sorry I couldn't get the text directly under the pictures... silly blogspot.

(1) Working on the roof... Hammer that!

(2) Working on the side of the house.

(3) Group photo with Rosita and the traditional Mapuche house.

(4) Lauren T., Michelle and Jennie working on painting those trail markers. Ye-yah!

(5) This is a group photo from working on the trail in Villarrica National Park. Do you see the truck hidden in the background? That's the one we all squished into... fun times!

That's all for now! More to come in Santiago perhaps? You'll be in suspense for awhile! Happy New Year's celebrations tonight. We're excited to welcome in the New Year here in Chile, but we're looking forward to catch up with you all in 2009 as well. Ciao!

1 comment:

Anderson said...

Well hello to all of you time travelers down there! Happy New Year!
Yay for 2009!! I tried to send you a message to wish you all my
happiest new year wishes, but I am an idiot at times, particularly
recently apparently, and managed to erase my emails to you all instead
of sending them. Your projects sound amazinf! Tomorrow I will check
out your photos and drool over your phenomenal trip. Whover gets to
this first, please relay to Amy asap that her boyfriend is dumb when
sending emails from his phone and did not realize until too late the
error of his ways. Basically. tell her Happy New Year for me and that
I could not love her more - I anxiously await her hug at the airport.
Of course. if others of you need any awesome welcome back hugs at RIC,
just let me know. I have plenty to go around. You all be safe on your
last few days. and please take care of my girl as I heard she was
feeling sick - gross. Take it easy, have fun, see you guys soon!! Yay!
Much love, Anderson