Thursday, December 25, 2008

We conquered the Volcan Villarrica!!!

With style too, I might add. Take a gander at those snazzy bright green suits we got to wear for that incredible excursion up to an elevation of 9,340 feet. Looking down on the clouds was pretty spectacular if you ask me.

As Dr. Koesler mentioned, today is pretty laid back. Most of the group is out horseback riding right now, and we have plans for a pizza dinner and then the White Elephant gift exchange tonight. Just to rub it in, I simply have to mention that the windows are open here in the hostel and the weather is amazing. Christmas weather could not be better in my opinion.

Our only complaint as a group is probably some of the funky sunburns we ended up with and a little bit of physical pains, but otherwise, we are all well here though missing our loved ones for sure.

I´m working on getting some more pictures up now. As you can see I´m adding a few new ones onto the sidebar, but I´m also putting a few more on my personal site if you want to check there as well. Click here to jump over to those. Enjoy!


Jeff V. said...

I enjoyed the pictures and the video! Alot of smiles on everyone's faces tells me that a great time has been had by all. Enjoy the rest of your trip and post more pictures as often as you can. Love you Katie and have the time of your life!

Anderson said...

Hey to all you Patagonia explorers! I just wanted to send everyone a post-Christmas hello and wish you all the happiest of holidays and travels. Your photos of the Volcan Villarica look spectacular. What an experience. Way to hang in there all of you - the climb sounded a little grueling. The weather there sounds a million times better than the weather here, so enjoy that and work those tans! Sounds like you will all have funny tan lines though. Sending my love to you, Amy. As if my emails were not enough, I figure I have to send cutesy smootsy messages on here too, if only to embarass you! Loving you more and more each day and celebrating the passage of each as it means you get closer to me! Have fun you guys!! Be safe! Learn lots on your projects!

Much love to all,
Amy's boyfriend:-)